Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My new public sculptures after 2007
it has been a quite a long time that i did not renew this blog! these days i come to my son's place in Los angeles. staying in USA, I feel much much easyer than in China.  Now, I put my important sculptures set up in public space in China in last five years.

time: May/2012
title: The Moon on The Water
size: 12.8 meters high
material: stainless steel
site: The Culture Center of Tianjin City. China

time: March/2012
title: Blooming
size: 8.4 meters long, 1.8 meters high, thickness is 32cm.
material: granite
site: The Cducation Center of  The Disabled of  Chong-qing  City. China

time: March/2012
title: Traveling
size: 13.2 meters long,  2.4 meters high, thickness is 42cm.
material: granite
site: The Cducation Center of The Disabled of Chong-qing City. China

time: July/2011
title: The rhythm of Hometown
size: 5 meters high,
material: granite
site: The New District of Northern Part,   Chong-qing City. China

time: Dec./2011
title: God-man Holding up The Dew Plate
size: 20 meters high,
material: bronze and granite
site: The Daoism Park,   Xian City. China

time: Apr./2010
title: The Kiss of The God
size: 1.7 meters high,
material: bronze
site: Hanyao Park, Xian City. China

time: Apr./2010
title: The lover's fan
size: 4.5 meters high,
material: stainless steel and painted
site: Hanyao Park, Xian City. China

time: Jun/2009
title: Poet Wangwei
size: 1.8meters high
material: bronze
site: Qujiang Park, Xian City. China

time: Sep./2009
title:  The Flag of East Timor
size: 2.5 meters high
material: stainless steel
site: International Sculpture Park, ERDOS. China

time: Jun/2008
title: The lover's Bench
size: 2.2 meters high, 9meters long
material: stainless steel and casting iron
site: Olympic Park, Beijing City. China

time: May/2008
title: Nightingall
size: 3.2 meters high
material: marble
site: Beijing Nurse School. China                                                   

time: Oct./2007
title: Untitled Island
size:  7 meters high
material: Stainless Steel
site: The Ocean Museum of Tianjin. China


Saturday, February 23, 2008

NAME: Shangxi Zhu
DATE OF BIRTH:19th Dec. 1954
PLACE OF BIRTH: Sichuan province, P.R. China
Chair-man of The Sculpture Professional Committee of China,
Member of Sculpture-art Committee of Chinese Artists Association,
Secretary of membership department of China Sculpture Institute.
Aug. 1991. Graduated from postgraduate Class, Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, and were awarded MA.
Aug.1982, Graduated from Decorative Sculpture Department, Central Institute of Arts and Design, Beijing, China.
Oct.2011, FORM IN DEPTH ----ZHU SHANGXI'S SCULPTURE SHOW ON SCULPTURE EDUCATION, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chong Qing, China.
May. 2012, my relief A Man participated 2012 Summer Relieves Show, A-- Gallery, Sculpture Department, Sichuan Academy of Fina Arts. Chongqing, China.
Nov.2006, my steel sculpture Chinese Characters participated a exhibition New Chinese Occidentalism, Beijing, China.
Oct.2006, No Words On Monument participated The Road to Open---Public Art Exhibition at Songzhaung, China, Songzhaung District, Beijing.
Fwb.2005, Organized and participated Return to Indoors—Walking Sculpture Group’s 5th Art Exhibition, Beijing. My participating work is Sleepwalker Series.
Aug. 2001, Organized and participated the show Stepping in Woods---- Public Art Exhibition in Yanxi Lake Park, Beijing. My participating land-art work is the Red Planet.
Jun. 2001, Participated the show Platform 2001 Sculpture Exhibition in Xidan Cultural Square, Chang-an street, Beijing, China. My sculpture is titled Garden In The Air.
Dec.2000, Organized and participated the show Stepping in Sunshine--- Public Art Exhibition in Red Scarf Park, Beijing, China. I created tow pieces public-artwork to participate the show. One is named Awaking The Circle, the other is titled Steel Forest.
Oct.2000, Participated the show The Third Public Art Exhibition in Shenzheng City, He xiang-nin Art Museum, Shenzheng City, Guangdong Province. My participating work was Well-Cover-Artwork series.
Nov.1999, Participated the show Floating Platform---Works Collection of Youth Sculptors '99, Chongqing City and Shanghai City. My participating work was The rind of body series.
Nov. 1998 , organized and participated the show Platform--- Works Collection of Youth Sculptors'98, The China National Art Museum , Beijing, China. My participating work was Stilting series.
Sep. 1998, organized and participated the show Step'98---works Collection of Beijing Studio of Sculpture. Beijing Contemporary Gallery, Beijing. My participating work was Dreaming series.
Dec. 2011, Un-named Musical Instrument participated Freezing Music ----Sculpture Show In National Grand Theater. Beijing.
Oct. 2011, Realistic Figure Series,  participated China International Sculpture Show, Datong City, China.
Sep.2007, my iron casting sculpture Toad, participated China Professional Sculptor’s Artwork Exhibition in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China.
May.2006, my Well-Cover-Artwork series participated China Contemporary Sculpture Show in Beijing, China. And got excellent reward.
Sep.2004, my sculpture work The Rhythm of Homeland participated The 10th National Exhibition of Fine-arts, The Changchun International Sculpture Museum, Changchun city , China.
Dec.1999, my work Great Festival participated China Grant Exhibition of Contemporary Art, National History Museum, Beijing, China.
Oct.1999, my work Great Festival participated The 9th National Exhibition of Fine-arts, The China National Art Museum, Beijing, China.
Jul.1997, the work Festival Participated China Grand Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, The China National Art Museum, Beijing, China.
Oct.1994, my portrait work Xu Honggang Participated The 8th National Exhibition of Fine-arts, The China National Military Museum, Beijing, China.
1985, my sculpture Ancient Chinese Fighter Participated National Fine arts Exhibition on Sports, The China National Art Museum, Beijing, China.
1984, Sculpture Golden Ox participated The First National Exhibition of Urban Sculpture Design, The China National Art Museum, Beijing , China.
Sep. 2012, partecipate Wuhu Sculpture Symposium, sponsored by China Sculpture Institute, Wuhu, China. creat a work Man-made Island.
From Oct. 2007 to Feb.2008, participate 2008 Beijing Olympic International Sculpture Symposium, created a public-art work titled Lover’s Bench.
Jul.2007, participate Changbaishan International Sculpture Symposium, in Jilin province, China. My land-art work is titled Fragment Of The Universe.
Jun. 2007, participate Shenzhen International Marble Sculpture, carved a piece titled
Artificial Island.
Sep. 2006, participate the 8th International Sculpture Symposium In Changchun, Jinlin province, China. My bronze work is titled The Rising Sun.
Feb.2006, participated Gaoxiong Yishou International Sculpture Symposium, Yishou University, Gaoxiong city, Taiwan. I carved a marble sculpture which is called First Snow.
Aug.2005, participated Penlai International Metal Welding Sculpture Symposium, Penlai city, Shandong province, China. Created a steel sculpture named Flying.
July, 2004, be Awarded 2nd Prize in The Journey of Red Sculpture---clay sculpture symposium,which was sponsored by Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, and the government of Linyi city, Shandong province, China. My piece is titled The Red Kindergarten.
Jun.2004, participated The 5th international Fire-sculpture Symposium, Ischgl, Austria. My work is called Oriental Light.
Sep.2002, participated Beijing International Sculpture Symposium,Beijing International Sculpture Park. Created a bronze piece titled Grand Festival.
May 2002, participated Okanagan International Sculpture Symposium, Kelowna Canada. I carved a piece called Entrance to The Valley.
Aug. 2001, participated The International Out-door Sculpture Symposium in Yanqing, Beijing,Yanqing County,Beijing City. My sculpture is titled God Creating The World.
Nov. 2000, participated The International Out-door Sculpture Symposium in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China. The title of my piece is Lifting .
Sep. 2000 participated Huian International Sculpture Festival, China. My work Dreaming In The Stone was awarded second prize.
Aug. 1998 participated The Fourth International Sculpture Symposium, Guilin Yu-zi Paradise, Guilin city, Guang-xi Province, China. My granite work, 150cm high, is titled Dreaming Under The Sun.
May.1998, participated a Portrait Competition, THE JEAN MASSON DAVIDSON MEDAL, Sponsored by THE SOCIETY OF PORTRAIT SCULPTORS, in London, and my work Self Portrait was highly commended, and received commendation certificate.
May , 1998 participated China Sculpture Competition '98, Dalian city, China. My work Sunshine, Air and the Tree won excellent reward.
Aug. 1995 participated International Sculpture Symposium '95, Weihai city, China. My work, Stone ,Woman and Dream, was reward excellent prize.
May. 2012,  stainless steel sculpture, The Moon on The Water, 12.8 meters highe, set up at Tianjin Culture Center. China.
Dec. 2011, granet sculpture, Rhythm of Home-land. 5 meters high,  The New District Of Beibu, Chongqing, China.
Mach. 2010, bronze sculpure, The Kiss of Gods,  2 meters high, Hanyao Park, Xian city, China.
Aug. 2009, bronze sculpture, Poet Wangwei, 1.7 meters high, Qujiang Park, Xian city, China.
2007, bronze work Reading In The Early Morning, 2m high, set up in Beijing Sports University, Beijing, China.
2005, Breezing The City , 6m high, bronze, and Flying , 7m high, red painted stainless steel, both set up in Dongying city. Shandong province, China.
2003, public-art work Bridge---Memorial of Childhood, 15 meters long, granite, and The Fleet, 10 meters long, old wood boat and stone, both set up in Beijing International Sculpture Park, Beijing, China.
2003, bronze portrait sculpture Samaranch, 120cm high, was located in the Sports Park, in Beidaihe city, Liaoning province, China.
2002, monumental portrait Jin-jiu, Former President Of Korea During Word War Two, 3.5m high, marble, set up in the Monumental Hall Of Jin-jiu, Seoul, South Korea.
2002, The Joint of History, 2.7m high, stainless steel, set up in the zone of Financial Avenue, Beijing, China.
2001, Play Chess,high 2.5 m, bronze, set up in Wangfujing District, Beijing, China.
2001, 40 square meters relief The Story of Li dazhao, The One of The Creators of China Communist Party, set up in Li dazhaos' memorial hall, Laoting County, Hebei Province, China.
2000, stainless steel sculpture Blooming,high 12.5 m,set up in Luannan county, Hebei province, China.
1997, Breeze From Mountains, high 3m,bronze, set up in Hei Longjiang Province, China.
1994, Racing, 4m high, copper, set up in Shun-yi district , Beijing, China.
1993, Goddesses Building Bridge, 12m high, Granite, set up in Jinzhou city, Liaoning Province, China.
1990, The Monument of Revolutionary 2.16, 7m high, copper, Set up in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province, China.
1985, Golden OX, high 6m, Copper, Set up in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China.

Email: zhushangxi@yahoo.com.cn

Friday, October 19, 2007

hello!last month i filished a new work, The Lover's Bench. this sculpture will show next year during Beijing Olympic Game. at that time there will be a international a sculpture show in Beijing.
now The Lover's Bench is in clay, next it will be casted in bronze.

Friday, July 13, 2007

this is my latest portrait art work.

this is my latest portrait art work.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My abstract sculptures
My abstract sculptures showing below are my two works done in this month. one, The Artifical Island, is about 220cm high, the other, Touch, is only 25cm high. the former one is made of marble, the later one is granite.I just came back Beijing from Shenzhen city, where just has finished a international sculpture symposium, which is sponsored by Sculpture Magazine and local government.

Monday, April 16, 2007

my nude sculpture
i have molded lot of nude sculptures, here i'd like to show some of them.